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Frequently Asked Questions


Q Will the upgrade support new chips released by Microchip in the future ?

A It is our goal to continue to support new chips as long as we have space for the firmware and the hardware can support them.


Q What do I do if my firmware version becomes outdated ?

A If it can continue to reliably burn the chips that you use then there is no need to do anything. But at any time a new version comes out and you feel it will benefit your work, a minimal cost of parts plus s/h and we will send you a chip with the latest version of firmware. For upgrades to the user interface will be available on this web site for free download.


Q Can I use Spep after I upgrade ?

A The upgrade requires you to replace the current firmware chip with the one we send you and to use a level converter connected to a serial port. To go back you simply remove our upgrade chip and put the original one back in and use the parallel port adapter again.


Q How do I know when new versions come out ?

A You may check in with our web pages or Email us.


Q Can Winpep be call from with-in some other application ?

A Currently Winpep is a standalone program and could be executed from some other application but it will not burn a chip and return with out manual intervention.


Q Will Winpep run on other operating platforms like Linux, Dos, Mac ?.

A Currently Winpep runs only on Win 3.1, Win95, Win NT. We have had requests for other platforms and will port a command line version to Linux and Dos.This port is not high on our list since we feel that supporting new chips is more important.

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Last Updated: July 30st, 1998